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Susanna Fyson black and white image.jpg

Susanna Fyson

Lives & works in London, UK

First class BA Honours degree as a Jeweller and Silversmith


A highly motivated, enthusiastic and versatile prop maker: modelling, design, fabrication, sculpting, goldsmithing, silversmithing, work in precious and base metals. smallworks, beadwork, wirework, mould making and casting, processing and finishing, leatherwork, millinery, sewing, painting, woodworking etc. 

Credits include:

Art Department & Set Decoration Props:

  • Damsel (Feature Film, Netflix)

  • Star Wars - Andor (TV Series, Disney)

  • Fantastic Beasts 3 (Feature Film, Warner Bros)

  • Avenue 5 (TV Series)

Costume Props/Costume FX:  

  • The Flash (Feature Film)

  • Marvel - The Eternals (Feature Film)

  • Spider Man, Far From Home (Feature Film)

  • Lost In Space, Series 2 (TV)

  • Cinderella (Feature Film)

  • In The Heart of The Sea (Feature Film)

  • Exodus, Gods And Kings (Feature Film)

  • Wicked (Theatre Musical - 2014 UK Tour)

  • Pirates of Penzance (Scottish Opera - Glasgow)

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